Final Fantasy trailer shows the world at war

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FF Type 0 Marshal Cid

We have been starving for some Final Fantasy (or just general JRPG) loving on the new consoles for quite some time. In Q1 next year, we will get our hands on what appears to be an epic game that will make us ridiculously happy – this latest trailer shows more story and gameplay.

For those who are still closing their ears to any news of Final Fantasy Type-0, it is truly looking fantastic. With an epic war raging around the world, it’s up to Class Zero to save everyone from the Militesi. Gameplay appears to combine all different styles of combat and encounters, and the story looks properly dark and tense – the way we want JRPGs to be. Just listen to Marshal Cid:

For those without YouTube access, you can watch over here.

It’s nice to see a JRPG that is true to the roots of the genre – fantastic story telling, massive scale, and something other than anime-inspired giggling. Type-0 looks dark and terrifying, which is what gamers who love the genre have been wanting for ages.

Of course, the end of the trailer shows off what I still think is probably selling the game even more than the game itself – when you pre-order you get the demo for Final Fantasy XV. This is something people are desperate to get their hands on, although I’m sure fans of the franchise in general are getting excited for Type-0 as well. The game is really looking beautiful and I’m glad to see that it’s such a unique approach to the franchise.

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Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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