GTA may yet come to the Wii – but don't hold your breath

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Over the years a number of Nintendo Platforms like the Game Boy Advance and now the DS have seen the Grand Theft Auto titles. However despite they constant prayers to the gaming gods, fans have yet to see a Wii iteration. Take-Two CEO, Ben Feder finally stated that,

Nintendo’s been a terrific partner for us. We always look at ways in which we can bring our games to platforms that make sense for our games. We’re eager to work with Nintendo to bring our games to their platforms. We just haven’t yet defined the right title for the right platform.

Apparently they’ve been pretty satisfied with Chinatown Wars sales and have yet to turn their eyes from the possibility of future GTA titles on the DS as Feder also stated that,

The DS, typically, has longer legs in the sales cycle. We’re very pleased with how that game is continuing to sell in the market; it will be in the market for a long, long time to come…When we’re ready to announced it, we’ll announce it. Right now Rockstar’s focus is on The Ballad of Gay Tony episode, Red Dead Redemption and Agent

Personally I’d just wonder how on earth one may do a GTA iteration for the Wii. Then again it could be pretty cool. Heck I’d love to see one too. Too bad I’m praying for other cool stuff, like the never-gonna-happen God of War 3 for Xbox 360.

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Last Updated: June 26, 2009

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