Guess who's rumoured to be joining Tom Cruise in the Magnificent Seven remake?

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I simply love John Sturges’ iconic 1960 western The Magnificent Seven. A westernized remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, it featured an all-star cast of some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time:  Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, Horst Buchholz, and Eli Wallach.

So for MGM’s planned remake of that remake, it’s only fair that the new cast also be just as high profile. They already started that trend with the casting of Tom Cruise, and now according to a rumour from the UK Sun, three more A-listers will be joining Mr Katie Holmes in the saddle: A kick-ass superspy, some guy with webbed toes who needs to deliver a letter or play baseball with ghosts or something, and an ex-South African president .

While it’s already been confirmed that Cruise will be playing baldheaded badassYul Brenner’s character, Chris, the article is suggesting that Matt Damon will reprise Steve McQueen’s Vin, while Kevin Costner will be also be added to the septagonal crew of gunfighters for hire as Britt, previously played by James Coburn. Morgan Freeman is rumoured to be taking on the role of the villainous Calvera, made famous by long time professional on-screen scoundrel Eli Wallach.

According to the Sun’s sources “MGM are throwing big money at the film and wanted some top names to fill the main parts. [And] You can’t get much bigger than Cruise and Damon.”

While that is certainly true, you shouldn’t go getting your breeches all in a knot quite yet, as this has not been confirmed by anybody, leaving it firmly in the realm of speculation for now. I’m not going to deny it though, it would pretty cool if it turns out to be true.

At this point in time, the remake is still without a director or screenwriter, with just Cruise being mentioned as the main source of impetus behind the project. There’s also no word yet on how this remake will differentiate from either Sturges or Kurosawa’s visions.

Last Updated: June 13, 2012

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