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Has Saints Row 4 jumped the shark?

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The Saints Row series has always been a little bit psychotic and a little bit crazy but this latest trailer has me wondering if the developers behind it have finally jumped the shark as Saints Row 4 now appears to have you playing as the president of America and fighting an alien invasion.

It’s all a little silly and while I hope it’s going to be a great time I can’t help but feel wary of the new direction the series is taking.

In all honesty it actually reminds me a little of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon DLC which was also incredibly crazy but that was marketed as a bit of a joke.. this is a multi-million dollar franchise and are there enough people out there willing to pay full price for something this insane?

I’m sure we’ll see more information about this title at E3 and will obviously bring you more information then.. but for now what do you think?

It’s worth noting this will be the first non-THQ Saints Row to be released…

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

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