Here’s some Fable: The Journey gameplay footage

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Don't stop....belieeeevin'

I loved the first Fable, from Peter Molyneux’s Microsoft-owned Lionhead Studios. It might not have delivered on Molyneux’s astronomical promises (I’m still waiting for my Oak tree, Mr Molyneux), but it did deliver  a really good action RPG. More than that, it delivered a great deal of potential. Potential that some might say was squandered with its lacklustre sequels. If that’s the case, Fable: The Journey for Kinect might be pissing its remnants down the drain.

Its E3 announcement last year’s certainly done nothing to help the game; it came across as little more than a waggly-handed on-rails magic based first person shooter. since then, Lionhead’s been relatively quiet about the game; the initial backlash about the title’s knocked the team’s confidence. They’re slowly opening up again, divulging a few minor details here and there. Now, they’ve actually demonstrated some actual gameplay. Utilising technology and ideas pilfered from Milo and Kate – which they call an experiment – Lionhead says the Journey "is the biggest game we’ve ever made, by far…We’ve built [a world] three-times the size of the last Fable game."

Here it is in action – and I’ve got to say…I’m not impressed. It’s gotten some pretty positive coverage in the press from those who’ve played it – but I really wonder how this can stay fun for any extended period of time. Fable: The Journey will be out in October.

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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