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In Other News–22 January 2013

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Madison Morgan

I’m not going to mention why or explain it, but I have had a craptastic day. And this time, it has nothing to do with the fact that Geoff once sold my organs to the Liam Neeson fund to repopulate Europe after Taken 2 massacre, so that he could buy himself a new TV. Bah!

In Other News: Crysis prepares for a new age,Dead Space has some ideas, Starbreeze feels a Storm on the way, Alice is a liar. 20 million people run through a temple and Vin Diesel loves the dark.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy picturing happy thoughts, rainbows and stacks of comic books. It’s not helping so far.


EA ads for Alice 2 were a trick, says American McGee
Bungie uses Halo helmet to cheer up a sick kid
Storm named as Starbreeze’s next sci0fi FPS
In four days, Temple Run 2 has been downloaded 20 million times
EA could experiment again with Dead Space 4, says producer
Crysis to enter new space when trilogy is complete
Gears of War judgment includes first GOW game -rumour


Unboxing videos become strange and unsettling if you really think about them
The Mass Effect MegaDrive – The best custom console paint mods gallery
The hierarchy of video game haters
C’mon level 5, localize Ni No Kuni DS already


Mega64 – Walking Dead: The video game
Undead Soccer – Launch trailer
Kingdom Conquest 2 -Debut teaser

Across the Network

A whole lot of people are headed to Sin City, with one familiar face returning
Will Drew Struzan return for Star Wars Episode VII?
Tuesday Box Office Report
Kevin Feige talks Iron Man 3
Vin Diesel reinforces his love for the darkness in this first still from Riddick
The saga of Lance Armstrong, soon to be a JJ Abrams movie

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Last Updated: January 22, 2013

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