Kill honey badgers with friends in Far Cry 4

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FC4 honey badger

I’m looking at booking a holiday soon. You know, something to get away from it all. Somehow, I don’t think Kyrat will be the best for tanning and lazing with a cocktail, but it certainly will transport gamers to a new place.

In the latest UbiBlog post about Far Cry 4, they explain that those all new environments that we raved about during E3 will be really palpable for players. You’ll practically feel the temperature drop as you move between biomes, something that is even more apparent considering the increased verticality of the game. However, it’s not just about the world itself – the narrative and experience is expanded when you play with a friend.

When you enter co-op gameplay, the story turns off so that your solo experience is protected. However, everything you do in co-op such as liberating outposts, gaining experience, hunting or finding secrets all stays with you throughout the game. As Creative Director Alex Hutchinson explains, it’s:

All of the fun of Far Cry 3, now with your best friend. So you can bring that person into the open world and you can goof around with all the tools and all the toys.

Of course, we have weaponized elephants, honey badgers, helicopters, all that sort of stuff. But the real fun is doing it with your buddy. The simultaneous use of everything that you had before and the new stuff.

Co-op certainly seems to be the name of the game in all the new games this year – Assassin’s Creed is all about unifying the single and multiplayer experience, and Far Cry 4 lets you invite a friend for co-op even if they don’t own the game (on PlayStation only). I think co-op can be a ton of fun, but I just wish that there was greater provision for couch co-op. How can I play with my husband in these games without buying an extra console and TV? Without cross-play from console to PC, or couch co-op, it simply becomes impossible, forcing me to play with strange men. Will you be playing with friends and strangers when Far Cry 4 launches, or are you more of a lone wolf anyway?

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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