Lindsey Lohan is still after that GTA V money

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Guys. Stay away from drugs. They will ruin your life. Not only will they break your brain, but they can also be expensive. That’s obviously the real reason Lindsey Lohan is so intent on suing GTA V maker Rockstar; she’s run out of her allotted crack budget.

Last year, we reported that the actress was suing Rockstar for including her likeness in the game, without coughing up anything in the way of royalties. Her lawyers claim that she’s represented in the game in 3 ways:

  • Escorting actress Lacey Jonas away from the paparazzi
  • Taking hidden photographs of an actress at the fictional version of the Chateau Marmont, a hotel that Lohan frequently visits.
  • Cover and promotional art which allegedly bears a striking resemblance to Lohan.

When last we heard, Rockstar found the suit to be frivolous, with its lawyers saying it was “so legally meritless that it lacks any good-faith basis and can only have been filed for publicity purposes”. Well, Lohan is now trying to go in for the kill.

Her lawyers have produced another 45 pages of documentation, saying that there is a “common interest among all celebrities, actors, singers, and athletes … to protect their likeness and personas from misappropriation by unscrupulous merchandisers.”

They also claim that the blonde lady on the game’s promotional and  cover art is a modelled after Lohan. that in itself is ludicrous, because the lady on the cover doesn’t look like a meth addict. Besides which, model Shelby Wellinder has confirmed the lady was modelled after her, something she’s proven with a paycheck.

I still think that she looks more like Kate Upton than anybody else. GTA V is being re-released next month for the new generation consoles, with a PC version coming in January.


Last Updated: October 10, 2014

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