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Mortal Kombat Guide: Part 2 of 2

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[Guest review by Darryn Bonthuys]

Still having trouble pulling off those last second Fatalities? Well, thanks to our featured guide those troubles will be a thing of the past. If you missed out on part one of our guide, make sure to check it out here.

Otherwise, hit the jump as we finish off the roster in the second and final part of our Mortal Kombat Guide.

Note: On performing Babalities

Babalities are back, and every character has them, even Shao Kahn. In order to perform a Babality, players may not block in their final, winning round, and the move must be performed from a jump distance.


L Left
R Right
D Down
U Up

Face buttons are in the order of Xbox 360 first, then Playstation 3. Remember, some fatalities need to be performed from a distance, so practice first in fatality tutorial to get the setup right.

Kung Lao

The illegitimate son of James Bond villain OddJob? Maybe, but he could also easily finish off Mr Bond with that hat of his. Spin and teleport attacks make him one of the most frustrating characters in the game, allowing Kung Lao to completely dominate an opponent offensively and defensively. Combining his spin attacks with combos will lead to some insanely effective chain attacks.


Hat Trick: L R R L Y/Triangle
Razors Edge: D D R L X / Square
Unlock Location: Meadow 31
Stage Fatality: D R D A/ X
Babality: D R D Y/Triangle

Liu Kang

Liu Kang has a need. A need for speed! When it comes to attack, Kang boasts some blazingly combos and special attacks, as well as an assortment of moves that cover every area, from ground to air. Fast uppercuts and combos that can easily be chained into special attacks, the only thing that players have to remember when playing as Kang is that teleporting characters have a small window of opportunity open to them when he uses a special move.


Fist of Flame: R L D D A/ X
The Beast Within: D D R D B/Circle
Unlock Location: Hollow 28
Stage Fatality: D R L A/ X
Babality: D D D B/Circle


The face of an angel, and a dental record that makes Britain look like a Colgate ad. Mileena is all about distance, as her projectile attacks can do impressive amounts of damage, while her teleport attacks can quickly get her out of harms way, setting her up for close quarters combos that leave her enough distance to follow up with more distance attacks.


Be Mine: L R L R Y/Triangle
Rip Off: L R L R A/ X
Unlock Location: Bloodmarsh 2
Stage Fatality: R R R X / Square
Babality: D D R L Y/Triangle


A Native American Shaman who obviously practices bodybuilding when he’s not saving the world. Nightwolf works well as both a defensive and offensive character. He’s a got an entire arsenal of special attacks to make up for his slow combos, and his shoulder charge attack can be quickly used when getting up from any knockdown attack. Use his special moves effectively, and you’ll soon see oppurtunities arise for effective juggle combos.


Little Off The Top: D R D L B/Circle
Ascension: D D R L X / Square
Unlock Location: Meadow 2
Stage Fatality: D D D BLOCK
Babality: R L R L X / Square

Noob Saibot

No, he’s not that kind of Noob. As an offensive character, Noob is a pretty poor fighter and his combos take too long to setup. Where Noob shines though, is as an effective counter-attack specialist. He’s bristling with tricks and moves which can easily disrupt an opponent’s attack pattern, leaving them wide open to counter and quick juggle combos.


Make A Wish: L R L D B/Circle
Unlock Location: Bloodmarsh 8
Stage Fatality: D R L A/ X

Quan Chi

The devil in the pale moonlight. Quan chi is all about manipulation when it comes to fighting. His effective quick combos can easily be chained into a projectile attack, while his damage and health boost moves are especially dangerous when combined with some bars from the super meter. Effective from either up close or far away, Quan Chi is another character that is great for beginners.


Beat Down: R R D D X / Square
On Your Knees: D R D R B/Circle
Unlock Location: Hollow 39
Stage Fatality: L R D Y/Triangle

Last Updated: May 13, 2011

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