New Comment System Installed

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The good news is that we are growing and need to upgrade our comment system to cater for typo’s and idiots.

Unfortunately the bad news is that this means change and people hate change but don’t panic I think you will like it after you get used to it.

The new comment system, Disqus, is a cloud based service that allows you to comment, edit, report posts, like other posts and best of all share your user and your reputation across multiple sites.

Once you post a comment using Disqus with either a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo login then you should stay logged in and you can then post using those same details at other great sites like, or to name a few.

If you see any comments that you feel overstep the line or are personally insulting then simply hover over the comment and select the Flag link. This will notify us and we can then take any action that we deem necessary.

But the most important thing is to Like the comments you see, this adds to a persons reputation and allows them to be seen as a more reputable source.

If the new system works well then I will be upgrading it to include better theming and realtime responding.

If you have any complaints leave them on this thread and I’ll take them into consideration.

Oh and don’t worry we still accept anonymous comments so flame away if that’s what floats your boat.

Personally I prefer using my Twitter account for posting so that I can get some free follows if people like what I post.

Last Updated: December 31, 2010

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