No Watch Dogs for Wii U?

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Watch dog wii u

I’ve been looking forward to Watch Dogs – I know Geoff says it’s overhyped, but I still think it will be a fun game. Considering the whole hacking/use your phone thing, I thought it could be really cool on the Wii U – what an ideal interface for this game. Rumor has circulated that it won’t be coming the Wii U, but what does Nintendo say?

Looking at the official release schedule from Nintendo, Watch Dogs is noticeably absent. Unfortunately, considering that other Ubisoft games are on the list, including Child of Light, this can’t just be a publisher exclusion but rather the specific game.

However, it’s important to read the small(er) print – seriously, that list is written in the smallest point I’ve seen in a while. Here is the fine print in larger writing:

Software titles are based on the information as of January 30, 2014.

[…] This list includes titles that are released in a downloadable format only.

Aha! So I may still be able to play Watch Dogs on the Wii U, where it was rumored to be best. People forget, the Wii U does actually have some decent processing power – it can run games in 1080p no problem. I hope that this simply means that if you want to play Watch Dogs on the Wii U, you will need to go out and buy the disc. Considering the ridiculously slow speeds downloading from the Nintendo network, this is probably a good thing – downloading Watch Dogs would be a nightmare.

I find it funny how everyone is quick to say that the Wii U is dying and no one is supporting it. Ubisoft still has love for the Wii U, as do plenty of other publishers. Sure, Nintendo is looking in new directions for its survival, but I don’t believe this is the end for them. They still have plenty of lives left.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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