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So we’ve been asked a few times to put the  random shirts we make up for sale so that you beautiful and highly intelligent people can also walk around looking as sexy as we do… well we’ve finally put together the system to make this possible and we have our first merchandise ready for pre-order.

Below are the two shirt styles that we are creating for our Gamescom coverage team and as we have to pay for setup every time we order we can only order a certain amount. So we thought we’d give you amazing, sexy people (getting the theme?) the chance to pre-order them.

First we have the blue one for the boys, because sexism and all that.


And then for the lovely ladies we have chosen a tank-top version. If you don’t like that then feel free to buy the blue shirt as t-shirts are pretty much unisex.


We do request that men don’t wear the tank top though… that’s just gross.

Anyway the men shirts are 180gsm Victoria Bay cotton (made in good old RSA) and the designs on both are screen printed so they’ll last. The ladies version is 200g polycotton interlock (whatever that means). So the important part.. how do you order these beautiful pieces of history? Easy simply head over to www.splinterclothing.com and pick your shirts, sizes and quantity and place your order.

Right now we can only accept EFT payments and we need pre-orders before we can order so expect delivery in around 14 days. Collection is available from Randpark Ridge in Gauteng else we’re looking at R50 delivery. If things go well we’re going to start offering more LG shirts and a bunch of other cool gamer gear so pre-order a shirt and give us some ideas on what else we should offer.

Oh and this is our first attempt so please let us know if things don’t work or are annoying.

Last Updated: July 5, 2013

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