Peggle: World Of WarCraft Edition – Hey, Its Free (Seriously)

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If you are one of the ten people on the planet who haven’t played Peggle yet then this is great news for you. The horribly addictive and award winning title is now being given away for free thanks for the financial flexing of Activision/Blizzard and that’s never a bad thing.

Don’t believe me? Check through for the details and the best part about this entire thing is that there is no catch, no forms to full in.. nothing… just play.

Now Popcap (the developers behind this ever-growing popular title) has released a special World Of WarCraft edition inspired by Blizzard’s addictive MMO. What’s even more impressive is that the title is free to download and boasts ten new levels of game hybrid awesomeness.

According to T. Carl Kwoh (associate producer at Popcap Games),

“PopCap first brought Peggle to Azeroth in April 2009 and got a great reception from World of Warcraft players,”…”We were jazzed to team up with Blizzard to make a World of Warcraft-themed version of Peggle that’s available to everyone for free.

No grab it while its free and before they change their minds… right here.

Source: popcap & casualgaming

Last Updated: July 11, 2009

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