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Remastered versions of classic LucasArts games are coming to Game Pass

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There was a time when the name LucasArts made us smile in excitement rather than pleasant nostalgia. I say this as only ever having been around for some of the team’s later Star Wars games but I’m assured that those early point-and-click adventure games were pretty darn great as well. I admit to having played the remastered version of Grim Fandango but not much else because I’m a youth and old things just suck. I want new things, not your gross old things. You’re putting them on Game Pass, which is a pretty new thing? Well fine, I guess I’ll just have to check them out now, won’t I?

Microsoft announced towards the end of last week that some of LucasArts classic point-and-click adventure games, including Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and Day of the Tentacle, are all coming to Game Pass. Not only that, but the remastered versions is what we can expect to play when they all drop on 29 October. It’s a nice little addition to the already expansive collection of games available on the service and no doubt goes a long way in demonstrating to publishers that there’s still life left in older games long since thought dead. Well, in the case of Grim Fandango, most of the game is still dead.


So there’s never been a better time to maybe educate your children, little siblings or younger cousins on what gaming back in the day was like for you. When they come begging for the answer how to plug in an obscure series of trades and interactions just to progress to the next stage look them dead in the eye and tell them to, “Grow up”. This was life back then. Cruel, punishing and frustrating. They’ll adapt and learn like all those before them or they’ll just have to listen to the same dialogue over and over again.

Last Updated: October 19, 2020

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  1. setzor

    October 19, 2020 at 10:52

    Could never finish Grim Fandango as a kid… looking forward to trying again ?


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