Right it’s time to take the drugs away from developers

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I’m all for all drugs being legalised and regulated but sometimes you do need to put your foot down and ban certain people from certain mind altering substances.

Now I don’t know what Melbourne based House House are on but I think it’s about time they were stopped. Their new indie title Push Me Pull Me is easily the oddest thing I’ve seen this year, and we just reviewed goat simulator, but this is on a whole new level.

Basically the plot goes like this. You find a best friend and then gently insert yourself feet first up his anus to your hip and then strap his legs to your body. So you both only have your hands to move.

Got it? Then you find another two people who are willing to do the same. Then a ball is thrown into the court and you and your partner need to work together to keep the ball in your side of the court until you score.

If you stay tight together the you are more powerful but it’s harder to wrap around the ball, but you can also stretch out to easily catch the ball but then you are liable to be pushed around by your horrifying team mate.

And that’s it… And now that your mind is completely polluted.. here are some screenshots courtesy of Eurogamer.




So are the graphics even worse than you imagined? The one looks like a mutated intestine while the other is definitely slightly phallic.

Push Me Pull Me is coming to PC, Linux and Mac later this year

Last Updated: April 2, 2014

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