Shadow of Mordor launches with trailer

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SoM Sauron s servants

I’m amped for Shadow of Mordor. That game looks like a whole ridiculous amount of fun to play and the Nemesis System keeps sounding better and better. With local release at the end of the week, it’s fitting that we get the launch trailer now.

Here is the gloriously dramatic video:

For those who don’t watch videos, we get a lot more insight into Talion’s character and experience all in one fluid trailer. After his family is killed, he seeks death but finds that he’s cursed instead – he can’t die and is stuck with Celebrimbor. Together, they must fight Sauron and defeat his Black Hand. By beating back his lieutenants, Talion might slow down Sauron’s rise to power. Oh, and Gollum is there, too, of course.

I’ve seen a lot of launch trailers, and they certainly pulled out all the stops with this one. It’s dramatic, it’s exciting and it has actually gotten me even more psyched for the game to release. I suppose that’s the point of a launch trailer – it finally makes sense now. It isn’t just yet another trailer, it’s the best trailer that they can make to get us amped for the game’s release.

Has the trailer raised your hype level? Are you excited to see what the game has to offer and fall down the rabbit hole that is the Nemesis System? Or have you been too badly burned by Lord of the Rings games in the past and you’ll just sit this one out?

Last Updated: October 1, 2014

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