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Team S.A in the top 8 of the Battlefield 3 Nations Cup

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Our National Battlefield 3 PC team has beaten Italy and is now in the top 8 of the Battlefield 3 Nations Cup, but faces a great challenge to progress to the next round.

South Africa vs Italy

South Africa took the win by ticket count after winning the first mp and losing the second. The first match was played on map Damavand Peak on a South African server, in round 1 South Africa won by 121 tickets to 0 and round two 219 tickets to 0. 

SA vs IT round 1 SA vs IT round 2

The second match was played on map Operation Metro on an Italian server, where Italy won the first round 105 to 0 and the second 169 to 0. South Africa however won the over all game and progresses through to the next round because their ticket count was higher.

SA vs IT round 3 SA vs IT round 4

Top 8 playoffs (Premier League)

To progress to the top 4 South Africa will need to get through Finland, which will be no easy task. The Finnish team are currently top of their group and haven’t lost one match throughout the cup. They are also 2012’s second place winners.

Here are what the match ups for the cup look like:

Battlefield 3 ClanBase Nations Cup - Premier League

Last Updated: April 2, 2013

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