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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 20 December 2013

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Welcome back friday

Do you know what happens as from today? None of us wear any pants anymore. Not that most of us ever did anyway. How’s that for a mental image on a Friday?

Best Story

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise can rejoice – the next Mass Effect game is in a playable state. That means we should see it one day, soonish. I’m excited – it’s on my holiday gaming list to finally tackle this franchise.

Worst Story

There were a bunch of contenders this week – EA seems to have misled investors about Battlefield 4 and Australia doesn’t know what an adult is. However, the worst story of the week had to be those bizarre Diversity Lounges proposed for PAX.

Best ION Header

Patricia ion

Her name may or may not be Patricia. Does it really matter that she has no name? Isn’t that somehow better?

Most Comments

Wow, you guys really had a lot to say about our top 100 games of the generation list. I’m enjoying the rage, mostly because I lovingly wrote the disclaimers telling you that it’s based on our internal knife fights. And orders from Gavin – just blame him.

Least Comments

It seems that Geoff and Darryn, while they may generally dominate when it comes to Batman, were equally useless when it came to comments. No one cared about Darryn’s Ratchet and Clank review, or the bizarre Mario video that Geoff shared.

Batman of the Week

Batman bento

For the last week of the year, Geoff has reclaimed his place at Batman. Darryn can say what he likes, but we all know that Geoff is our Yellow Dark Knight.

Header Image of the Week

Ninty OMG

OMG, what a header from D. Right? It really is cute.

Comment of the Week

Ah, a limerick war. Could anything be more fun? The Dyling Light post led to some strange poetry battles, mainly between CodeName Tailgunner and our very own Geoff. My favorite section was:

CodeName Tailgunner:

Now all of this I understand
As Darryn, like me, is quite bland
But how did you know?
Do you like to watch bro?
And how long till you offer a hand

Exalted Overlord Geoffrey Tim:

I’m going to be pretty blunt.
I’m perturbed that you shelter this runt
Why be on his side
When he’s rather quite snide
And he’s actually really a…terrible person.

In fact, with the last Weekly Wrap behind me, it’s clear I won’t win Batman this year. Such a sad state of affairs. I started to write a limerick, but was too depressed to finish it – you guys can give it a try:

All Zoe wanted was Batman;
She even had a sexy plan.
But try as she might,
Could not get it right,

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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