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The good, the bad, and the ugly of the last week – 22 November 2013

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So, it seems that I lied to you all. I promised a podcast to help with our weekly wrap. Apparently, my interwebz were not up to the task of hosting said podcast. However, next week, next week we will try again. And this time, we will be victorious. Until then, here’s a wrap up of what happened this week.

Best Story

Was there ever any doubt? Of course it’s the first PS4 review in Africa! Will international sites tell you all about some epic pizza? Will they share pictures of cats? Ha!

Worst Story

Man, there was a lot of bad news this week. Sony is making major cuts, and Gavin was right about Ryse’s embargo date being a bad sign. That said, there can be no worse new than that the PS4 controller is apparently made of faulty rubber.

Best ION Header

Kelly Andrews

I’m not entirely sure what she did to the couch, but she can keep doing it as long as she keeps staring in the camera like that.

Most Comments

I win! That’s right, it was MY article that got most comments this week. You guys had a lot to say about acceptable reasons to pause multiplayer games. Apparently sex is an acceptable reason to afk, but only if you make it a quickie.

Least Comments

Shame Darryn, it seems that you’re picking up this award this week – no one cared about your Hunger Games trident.

Batman of the Week


Man, there was no way to beat him this week. Despite a valiant effort from Darryn, Gavin is your Batman of the week. But I’m sure he’ll be oh so magnanimous and say that he couldn’t do it without us. Right?

Header Image of the Week

Mesa back okeydey

I don’t know why, but Darryn’s header made me giggle way more than it should have. Silly Jar Jar.

Comment of the Week

Comment of the week goes to Macethy, who obviously hasn’t seen how stupid we can be. He didn’t seem to enjoy Darryn’s PizzaStation review, but he made Geoff laugh, which automatically makes him a winner.

Dumbest article ever on this site!

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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