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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 29 May 2020

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If you were born via a sperm donation, you were handmade.

Best stories of the week

When it comes to backwards compatibility, Microsoft is showing everyone how it’s done and then some. Not to be left out, Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal may finally come as early as June 3, while The Last of Us Part II continues to look great! And here’s to Solitaire, everyone’s favourite office game that is now 30 years old. Feel ancient yet?

Worst story of the week

The only really awful but not completely unexpected news from this week, is Blizzard calling off their 2020 edition of BlizzCon. Which may also be a relief to bank account, who aren’t ready yet to be emptied out just so that their owners can purchase Murlock dressing gowns and lingerie at the event.

WTF stories of the week

There may not have been a lot of bad news this week, but there was plenty of WTFery going on! Part-time Sith Lord Sam Witwer detailed how Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3 would have been weird, Manchester United scored a Streisand own-goal with their war on Football Manager and someone at Guinness World Records cocked up massively when they claimed ownership of all Super Mario Bros. speedruns. And finally, a new Silent Hill game is coming, albeit as a content drop in Dead by Daylight.

Header image of the week

Release the Schneider Cut you cowards.

Comment of the week

This week’s award goes to Pariah, for wielding a comment with +15 to Monty Python references over on the story of the Anno games getting future-proofed:

Anno for something completely different.

At least I think that’s a pun, and not the case of a thick eccent at play here.

Proof that we actually have some brains when it comes to trivia

Well maybe Noelle and Kervyn do, but at least I didn’t come last! Other Darren at Big Screen Hooligans is currently hosting a weekly quiz, and this week we all went head to head to see whose movie knowledge was the juiciest and brainiest.

Kervyn lost by the narrowest of margins, while I came in fourth. NEXT TIME CLOETE, NEXT TIME!

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Bonus DVD Content

Last Updated: May 29, 2020


  1. Ah the sense of fulfillment when the man with 3 buttocks recognises my pun. <3


    • The D

      May 29, 2020 at 16:10

      Why can’t people recognise me for my two sheds instead?


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