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The Xbox One is still ‘all about gaming’

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Where's the game?

We all know the memes by now. If the Xbox One is about one thing, it’s TV. And sports. Two things! TV, sports and Call of Duty and nice shiny red uniforms! Dammit, four things! It seems that gaming has taken a backseat this year, with TV clearly dominating. But MS fella Phil Spencer isn’t worried. Because you’ll buy the console anyway. And still get games. And sports.

"We believe that if all you want is gaming, you’ll still pick us, at the end of the day," Spencer said to OXM.

The super core guys, they will buy everything. They will buy all devices, but most people really only do buy one device, and if you’re going to think about what that one device is, we believe an all-in-one system that does the best games and TV and entertainment will be something that’s really unique.

I don’t have a problem with all-in-one, but when a gaming console pushes some pretty new nifty technology for television features over the use in gaming itself, I get worried about the focus of this console. "We’re going to continue to innovate, continue to add new experiences, and make it better every single year," Spencer then explained.

Right now we’re eight years into this platform — we didn’t have a single music video [at launch], we didn’t have any entertainment, and now we’re seeing half our usage globally driven from entertainment apps. And so we think the story will evolve and continue to get better over time.

I’m still unconvinced at this stage. I want to like the Xbox One, I really do, but Microsoft needs to learn from their current PR nightmare and put on a strong show at E3 if it wants to regain any sympathy from gamers. And calling gamers who want better as backwards, really doesn’t help them out in the long run.

Then again, they may have a point, judging by the insane amount of pre-orders that the console has already netted itself.

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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