This could be the biggest risk in the industry?

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According to Cliff Bleszinski there is a new IP that is being released soon that will require a minimum of 10 million units sold before it can even begin to make a profit.

According to a tweet he sent out:



That’s pretty insane and if it really is true it’s one of the biggest risks a publisher in the gaming industry has taken to date. Unless of course the accountants are using some of their creative accounting again and are taking into consideration that they need to pay greedy shareholders massive payouts.

So which game could this possibly be?

There are some massive new titles in development such as Watchdogs, The Division, Beyond: Two Souls and more. But seriously could any of those really hope to crack the 10 million mark with that bar only being broken by Call of Duty, Mario titles, Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto.

I can see two possible titles that could require such monumental sales; TitanFall or Destiny.

TitanFall is the most likely to break the 10 million mark with the game being born out of the record smashing Modern Warfare series but would TitanFall really cost over $250 million to make? It’s not really breaking that many new boundaries and if that is the case then they have possibly put too much investment in the title.

I personally think it’s going to be Destiny, which is attempting to bring the first real MMO first person shooter to the world with the biggest game-worlds ever seen, a persistent online universe and those incredible exciting public events.

It’s a risk as they are relying on over 10 million people becoming enticed by a game mechanic that they are struggling to really explain and with technology that may not be able to handle the success if it arrives. Are they really going to have a persistent world with 10 million inhabitants? Is that even possible?

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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