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And the winner is

Do you want to play Quest for Glory? Did you leave a fantastic comment with an idea for where we should meet up next? Then you might be our winner!

Last week we ran our latest community giveaway. You guys seem to like the idea of shooting for a community event (paintballs or guns), and most of you recommended places for our next shindig in the north of Joburg again. However, I have a better idea – how about Midrand seeing as it’s (supposedly) in the middle of Gauteng? We can all embrace the glory of eToll evasion, and mutter about how awful Midrand is and we’re all so glad we don’t live there. What more could we want?

None of you care about that, though. You just want to know who won the prize. So, here is the lucky commenter who gained the favor of the gods:

The winner 1

Big congrats VampyricSquirrel Monk! Thanks for your comments – I will send you your prize ASAP. Also, a huge thank you to our anonymous donor for giving the prize. It’s much appreciated – I’m loving all the generosity of spirit this year!

Last Updated: February 10, 2014

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