Thousands Respond With A Petition To Blizzard's No LAN For StarCraft 2

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As many of you already know from yesterday’s post, Blizzard has confirmed that StarCraft 2 won’t be supporting a Local Area Network (LAN). So this information had been spreading across the web like wildfire and as a result in just a day, 2500 gamers have already signed a petition asking Blizzard to reconsider including a network multiplayer for StarCraft 2.

Christian Sorensen, the alleged creator of the petition was contacted by IncGamers. Apparently he stated that he wasn’t the author of the petition and that in actual fact it was written by a group of individuals on the StarCraft community site,

Now of course there are some fans who aren’t supporting the petition and as one would only expect from the human race, there are countless views on the topic. The more evident views are as some argue that it would deter piracy whilst others say it will only result in more piracy.

Personally I despise piracy and so should all of you but lets face it the truth is that at the end of the day, Blzzard is only punishing the honest gamers. Pirates will always be pirates anyway so what’s the deal with disappointing the rest of us?

Anyhow you can check out the petition over here and see what others have to say

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Source: incgamers

Last Updated: July 1, 2009

  • well if there’s no LAN, there’s no way I’ll buy it. -1 sale for blizzard

  • On the topic of piracy – I’m really getting fed-up
    with the idiot excuses these guys think up to justify
    what they do. Oh it’s got DRM, oh it hasn’t got LAN,
    oh it doesn’t look that good, oh I’ve already got the
    console version, oh I don’t really want the game,
    oh it’s too expensive.
    They will complain about ANYTHING! No DRM on Prototype
    to complain about, so I came across some real gems.
    Uh, the graphics doesn’t look very good or
    this game looks stupid, think I’ll just download it.
    WTF? Just admit you’re a cheapskate and get on with it.
    No wonder Pc gamers get buttf*cked with a barb-wired dildo
    when it comes to games. πŸ‘Ώ

  • Aequitas

    The starcraft 2 LAN petition just went over 10 000 signatures

  • bboy

    Haha, everything’s amazing and no-one is happy. (see people are bitching about something that hasn’t even been released yet, something that a company is working hard to give to us, and at the core of their decision is “to ensure a quality multiplayer experience”.

    I think people need to recognise that the Blizzard peeps are on the ball and make good decisions. The petition may force them to include LAN cos they don’t want to dissapoint – but at the same time it may dilute the awesomness of what they have planned for

  • bboy

    LOL, in the petition “and in a bad month you might choose to buy groceries instead of paying for the internet.”…

    Really in months like these people shouldn’t be worried about their inability to play starcraft 2 over LAN – they should be worried about getting a better job.

  • Faheem

    Wow – major aggression but warranted. Don’t let ’em get to you [email protected] 😯

  • Faheem

    Yeah I see so – pretty crazy and in just two days or is it technically three now… well you know what I mean. ❗

  • Faheem

    Agreed – Now all I have to do is finish my dam studies and try to get that dream job πŸ˜₯

  • hahaha!
    Just frustrated as a Pc gamer that we get
    shafted because of people that can’t just admit what
    they are πŸ˜‰

  • Faheem

    Uhm yeah – tried going to the link but it said that the url is malformed or something – also typed in ‘everything is amazing…’ but still not sure which vid – please help lol 😯

  • Here you go :

  • Faheem

    Ah thanks Geoff

  • Faheem

    I totally understand dude – would love to ring a few necks haha 😈

  • Faheem

    Its brilliant man hahaha thanks bboy πŸ˜†

  • bboy

    doh >_<

  • WitWolfyZA

    I dont even know 12 people who LAN anymore… Unless its those LANS where they exchange media files at school halls ect..

  • Aequitas

    And now it’s over 20 000 signatures.

    Just because you don’t LAN, doesn’t mean that there aren’t LANs happening. I go to a 200+ person LAN every month, and we play all day long. But there’s no internet there … and everyone there is a starcraft fan. To not play starcraft 2 there with all my fiends would -suck-

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