Who’s paid who in the IGN and 2K deal?

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You've been warned

If you hadn’t heard yet it has been revealed that IGN has been given the exclusive rights to release their Bioshock Infinite review first,  before the rest of us sorry folks get to release ours.

The thing is I can’t see any benefit to 2K games here, it’s not like less people would read about their game if everyone dropped their reviews at once. In fact more people would actually get to read about it so why give one place an exclusivity?

What if IGN gives the game 3/10, the only review on the market and it states your game sucks? That’s a sure-fire way to lose millions in sales. So it’s only logical to assume that 2K know that IGN are going to give their game a great review.

Feeling uneasy yet?

Now you could say that 2K are so confident in their game that they know it won’t score badly but then we go back to the main point, why take the risk? Why not let everyone post their reviews at once? Maybe it’s reverse money hat this time though, maybe IGN has paid 2K games for the exclusive rights to release the review first. Maybe moving forward we will see more and more big media companies paying developers to get their stories….

So, feeling uneasy yet?

Exclusive news stories are one thing and publishers have long given little stories to sites to help market the hype around their game but I see that as a very different thing to a worldwide review exclusive. I for one will not believe a single word in the IGN review until it is confirmed by the army of respected critics around the world and this little episode has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

Geoff has had some hands on time with the title and he absolutely loved it but there are may titles in history where the previews were excellent and the final game left a lot to be desired. All of these games had warning signs before such as no reviews before launch day and the like.

I can’t see Bioshock: Infinite turning out to be a bad title but I’m personally waiting to see what the reviews state before parting with my cash. And I’m definitely not jumping in based on what IGN’s exclusivity deal ends up saying. It’s a bad move from 2K and hopefully they won’t do it again.

Last Updated: March 20, 2013

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