Work Avoidance Wednesday: Destiny on PC

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Destiny is one of the largest new IPs – it has sold tons of copies, is getting loads of attention and causing plenty of debates. However, the PC master race has been missing out. Plenty of you have been desperate to use your mouse and keyboard for some Destiny pew pew action, and now you can.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. But this Loot Cave shooter simulates the experience that plenty of Destiny players have been having recently – rather than play the actual game, people are using the loot cave to farm for engrams and leveling. Now you can, too.

Destiny on PC 2

The loot cave might have been nerfed in Destiny, but we can still enjoy all the mindless shooting action. Avoid your work the way people have been wanting to do for weeks – do some farming in Destiny. You will just need the Unity plug-in installed and allowed and you can see how many levels you go up as you smile gleefully when you see a purple drop.

No, this isn’t what Destiny is actually all about. However, rather than discuss the virtues of high versus low loot drop rates, or the issues of farming in general, let’s just laugh at the loot cave tribute and enjoy shooting into nothingness in the hopes of a reward.

Destiny on PC

How many levels can you go up before you break the trance-like state? Does this take you to a zen level of calm? Those wind sounds certainly help me relax and clear my head – maybe I should use this as a strange form of computer meditation.

Last Updated: October 1, 2014

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