Worldwide Destiny reveal to be held at the PS4 conference

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A lot is expected of the new game from the makers of that Xbox exclusive, Halo. They’ve teamed up with Activision to bring Destiny to most platforms and have now revealed that they are going to show us what they’ve been working on at E3 2013… and most surprisingly at the Sony Press Conference.

From a studio that was solely dedicated to the Xbox and Xbox 360 to now premiering at their biggest rivals is quite the move. And if this trailer is anything to go by they could be premiering the greatest title of the next generation.

Is this a kick in the face of their previous pay masters or does this mean that Microsoft has so many better titles to showcase that they simply didn’t have room for this?

and in closing.. I saw a YouTube comment that I actually enjoyed…

“I feel as though playing this game could be my …


( •_•)>??-?

(??_?) … Destiny


So are you ready to run with the wolves?

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

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