XCOM 2 gets a hotfix–but don’t expect a performance increase

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XCOM 2 is a pretty damned amazing game. In our own review, Alessandro said the game was incredible, even if it may have been a little unforgiving.

“XCOM 2 manages to improve a formula that had almost nothing wrong with it to begin with, adding a sense of urgency to the already unpredictable nature of its turn-based combat. It’s a rewarding experience, if not sometimes cruelly unfair.”

Unfortunately, the game’s a little wonky on PC, with performance issues and other bugs that are keeping it from being the best it can be. Firaxis and 2K have now released a hotfix aimed at alleviating a few of the game’s more pressing issues.

“It is important to the team that we address the issues below as soon as possible so fans can get back to enjoying the game. Stay tuned for more information on future updates,” the developer wrote in a Steam Community post.

Here’s what the Hotfix….hotfixes, I suppose.

  • Player is unable to progress to scan in the Geoscape after completing the Resistance Communications research via Tutorial – This will fix previously affected saves.
  • Unable to load saves with a Chryssalid Cocoon – This will fix the issue, and for previously affected saves.
  • Adjustments were made to Texture Streaming to assist with periodic frame spikes.
  • Using the preview voice button for a modded voice pack will no longer crash the game when in the armory.
  • Removed 8x MSAA from default Max settings.

Unfortunately, while the patch is intended to help improve the game’s now notoriously shady performance, reports suggest it’s done no such thing.

At least that Capslock trick to improve load times still works though, right?

“Hitting the key, through a Rube-Goldberg-esque series of events, forces all outstanding load requests to be filled immediately in a single frame,” says Firaxis on the odd trick. “This causes a massive hitch, and potentially could crash the game. If you don’t care about those adverse effects the synchronous load is faster.”

Last Updated: February 18, 2016

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