Midweek Mouth-off: Sequelitis

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‘Tis the season for high profile sequels!

How do you feel about the apparently endless series of cinematic follow-ups?

Has Hollywood gone too far with its scripting and approval of sequels before the original has even come out (e.g. The Amazing Spider Man)?

Should decades’ old classics be left alone instead of being hauled out for a wrinkly second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth installment that’s evidently just cashing in on fan nostalgia (e.g. Blade Runner)?

Have we created a soulless cinematic monster by supporting these movies, or do you actually get excited by the thought of sequels?

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Last Updated: May 30, 2012

Noelle Adams

Sometime Tomb Raider. Full-time Pop Culture fanatic and Geekaissance Woman. Most often spotted outputting Pop Culture opinion pieces, writing fanfic and original genre fare, cosplaying and bringing the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu smackdown. Editor of the Comics and Toys section.

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