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Spotify will let multiple people join the same session; announces family plans in South Africa

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Apps like Spotify have revolutionised the way we listen to music. After all, why listen to the radio when you can get a playlist of stuff that you know you are more likely to enjoy than the tastes of some random DJ who thinks everyone is in the same mood that they are. One thing that Spotify hasn’t been able to give us too much yet is the ability to share and listen to exactly the same music as our friends and family members so we can get to enjoy the delights of the same songs from wherever we are and share music throughout the day. After all, nothing connects people like music. Unless you have Darryn’s taste in music, in which you would rather stay as separate as possible.

Editor’s note: My collection of Slipknot, Daft Punk and Fozzy disagrees.

Connecting over music though just got a little bit easier as Spotify has announced a new feature called Group Sessions to all Premium subscribers. With this new feature, two or more Spotify users can share control over a listening session without needing to be on the same device. And it’s not just merely listening to a current session either, as all users will also be able to control song playback in real-time, add songs to a queue, or contribute to a group playlist.

To set up the new playlist, all users have to do is open Spotify’s “Connect to a Device” tab on the player window and press “Connect with Friends.” A small window with a code will appear, along with the option to pull up your camera and scan a friend’s code. The Group Listening session will end after an hour of inactivity, or after you deactivate Group Listening from the “Connect to a Device” tab. It will require each fiend to have a premium subscription of their own and so won’t be able to have that friend that likes to leech off everyone else join in on the fun of experiencing the music or podcast together.

That being said, if you were still not convinced if you should subscribe to Spotify yet or not, well they have also made it easier as the company has also announced that Family Plans are now available in South Africa, meaning that you can just subscribe once for your entire family to enjoy the benefits of Spotify, which at R100 per month is an absolute bargain for unlimited listening pleasure between family members.

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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