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Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween is Netflix’s most popular original movie for 2020

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Some performers are critic-proof, transcending scathing reviews and remaining popular with audiences. And then you get Adam Sandler, whose critical durability is unbreakable. Despite having most of his comedy films trashed by critics, somehow people like watching them and that is why he is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood today.

It seems like the Sandler magic has worked its wonders for Netflix, as Variety has revealed that Hubie Halloween was the most-watched film in the US between April 2020 to October 2020 on the streaming service. As a reminder, Hubie Halloween only debuted in October.

Yes, a streaming service that has a big line up of Oscar-contending movies can thank the childish humour of Sandler for bringing in viewers. For the record though, Netflix’s most-watched property in the US during this time period was The Umbrella Academy. Hubie Halloween’s achievement though is especially notable when compared to the rest of the top ten list that featured movies and series that had been around for several months already.  

We shouldn’t be surprised considering how Sandler’s films have continued to be big draws for Netflix and why he keeps on signing big contracts with the platform. Sandler’s brand of humour has proven to be popular for many years now and it looks like he is going nowhere with his annoying baby voice and childish antics. If anything, he is possibly only going to get even more annoying, even though he has recently been showcasing exactly how good a dramatic actor he is too.

While streaming services are spending fortunes trying to secure the rights to expensive sci-fi and comic book properties to try and draw in more subscribers, it appears that the real recipe for success is giving Adam Sandler a blank cheque to do whatever he wants.

Last Updated: November 6, 2020

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