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Angry Marvel fans have predictably launched petitions to boycott Sony in an effort to keep Spider-Man in the MCU

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Rewind the clock a few years, and you’d have been witness to the impossible in cinema: A good Spider-Man movie that didn’t need to redo the origin of the webslinger and show us Uncle Ben catching a lethal case of tummy-bullets. Tom Holland’s debut as the webhead in Captain America: Civil War may have been charming, but further adventures in two Avengers movies and a solo sequel proved that maybe this Marvel studio pulling the strings may know what they’re actually doing with the character as opposed to Sony’s previous efforts which were middling at best.

And then things got ugly. Sony still has the lucrative film rights to Spider-Man, but while working with Marvel the deal would have seen them take home 95% of the box office bacon while the House of Ideas under Disney would take a 5% first dollar cut and all profits from merchandising. Which sounds like an alright deal considering all the legal red tape involved, but Disney wanted more.

Disney wanted to renegotiate the deal which would see them fund future Spidey films by 50%, thus allowing them to split profits 50/50 with Sony but current big cheese Tom Rothman decided that they’d be better off by exiting the MCU and going their own way especially if Marvel Studios big kahuna Kevin Feige wasn’t going to have time to guide the franchise.

It’s a tangled web of statements right now with both sides attempting to paint themselves as saints and the competition as money-hungry predators when in reality it’s both sides that are after all that extra green. Naturally, the fans are upset. Like, “we’re going to start a completely ineffectual petition to express our anger” upset.

The current attitude from fans is leaning towards them pointing a finger at Sony specifically, with the hashtag #BoycottSony trending in recent days. One such petition urging the masses to boycott Sony and all of its products already has close to 5000 signatures, while another has an equally unimpressive 11 sign-ups so far due to the fact that it was drafted by someone whose anger was so overwhelming that they couldn’t even bash F7 before they published it:

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It has just been revealed that sony is taking are favorite webslinger out of the mcu and this must not happen. Spiderman has been ruined by sonys live action department ever since spiderman 3, but when spidey was brought into the mcu it was a breath of fresh air.

Other Spider-Man fans are demanding more drastic action, such as a complete boycott of anything Spider-Man related on a Sony product such as last year’s best-selling video game which featured the webspinner in a grand solo return to PlayStation consoles. Considering how Marvel’s Spider-Man is now the best-selling superhero game of all time, it’s probably going to be a hard sell convincing the tens of people who have yet to purchase it to hold off on doing so until there’s justice for Spidey.

Personally, I’m on Sony’s side in this brouhaha. Sony originally signed a five-picture deal with Marvel several years ago over the use of Spider-Man, and while they did reap some hefty profits from his solo films, that was done by them ponying up all the cash to finance those films while Marvel took the creative lead. Even with Marvel’s A-team working on restoring Spidey back to cinematic glory there was no guarantee that those movies would be successful financially or even critically.


There’s still so much going on behind the scenes that we don’t yet know about and Sony has already commented on how they hope things will change in the future. There could still be some hope that Spidey is a key player in the MCU, but Sony has already proven that they don’t need to be linked to Disney’s monopoly engine to make a good Spider-Man movie.

Just look at last year’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for proof that a studio taking a gamble on a wild idea with some of the best talent in the industry can create something magical.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2019

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