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  • It’s a well known fact that if you have a role in your script in which a great character (or actually even not so great, no need to be picky) needs to die early, then Sean Bean is your man. Mr. Bean (not that one) has made a career out of early death, which is why filming his new show Legends may be a tad bit difficult.

  • Christian Bale’s insane body transformations from playing Batman to his other roles and back again, is well documented. So if you think new Batman, Ben Affleck, is going to back down from the same challenge, you’re gravely mistaken. Yes, okay, his requirements are a little more… mundane?… schlubby?… but hey, we still give the man props around here.

“I’m right in the middle of shooting now. It’s a process that I’ll probably have better perspective on when I’m done. I can tell you that every time I do a role, it’s the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman’s obviously got a set of expectations that are tough. So I spent a lot of time working out. And it’s a far cry from Gone Girl where my character is described as ‘puffy and hungover.’ I want you to know I worked equally hard at both!”

  • And from a guy who hunts down monsters to a women who created them. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner – that’s Sansa Stark for the layperson – has landed the lead role in Mary Shelley’s Monster. That’s the role of the Shelly, not the monster, just so we’re clear. Said monster is of course that of Frankenstein, which Shelly wrote when she was just 21 years old. This new film won’t be a straight-up biopic though, being described as “the story of the most extraordinary 19th century teenage heroine told in a visceral, sexy, contemporary way,” and which “tracks the young writer as she writes her seminal novel and is drawn into a Faustian bargain with her own ‘monster’ of an alter ego, who offers literary fame at a desperate personal cost.”

Okay then. As Frankenstein is in my opinion one of the greatest novels ever written, I will definitely be keeping this one on my radar.

  • Poster of the day: Pi


  • This time two weeks ago, you probably didn’t know it was humanly possible for the word “genisys” to exist, but thanks to the latest installment in the Terminator franchise it now does. So to keep the spirit of learning new things alive, here are 7 things you may not have known about The Terminator.

  • You probably heard all the ruckus on the internet a few weeks ago, when it was revealed that Sam Wilson aka Falcon would be taking up the mantle of Captain America in the comics, after Steve Rogers was drained of the Super Soldier Serum in his blood, and left close to death. It’s actually a great idea that was severely overshadowed by all the racist foghorns. But that controversy is not the only reason why you probably shouldn’t be expecting the same change in the Captain America movies anytime soon, as screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely explained.

“We tend to stay on the sidelines when it comes to the comics. We wait and see what we’ll steal from in three or four years from now!”

“I think the movies can accommodate almost anything, if there’s a need. I think there is a much greater need to shake things up in the comics because that’s a narrative that’s been going on for 60 or 70 years, so you’re going to wind up having to do things to it. Ours has only been off the ground for five or so. So it’s not quite time to start changing things up yet.”

  • With the world going Ninja Turtles crazy again, somebody has gone and recreated the opening sequence of the classic 1980’s cartoon using modern CGI animation. Why? Because why the hell would you still wonder why?!

  • If you watched Disney’s Frozen and thought “Screw building snowmen, what this movie needs is some good ol’ BDSM!”, then this Fifty Shades of Grey/Frozen mashup trailer is just for you. Also, you should probably never be allowed close to children.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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