This new trailer for SUPERFIEND has come to judge you

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Beyond the ultra violence, decay and general nihilism of the future world of Judge Dredd, there beats something far more important: Satire. Believe it or not, the original comics were a satire of the justice system when taken to a logical extreme,with the world around Dredd reflecting this idea. Such satire was largely missing from Dredd 3D. But the bootleg animated version will be packing plenty of that social commentary. And death. Lots and lots of death.

Just in terms of animation, I’m digging what I’m seeing here. It’s got style, attitude and a character. And Judge Death has always been one of the more darkly amusing foes that Judge Dredd has ever encountered.  As producer Adi Shankar explained to Collider, his bootleg vision is all about viewing the Dredd universe through a fresh eye:

1. The “Bootleg Universe” is about viewing things through a fresh lens.  I wanted to do something that played up the satirical tone of the Judge Dredd comics, an anti-establishment British comic about post apocalyptic America.   Furthermore, I’m not going to bootleg my own thing and do it in live action … I’ll save that for Dirty Laundry 2.

2. I personally love cartoons, so I wanted to mimic the look of 90’s MTV, “Ren & Stimpy,” Liquid Television, with a dash of “ReBoot” and juxtapose that with the trademark violence found in everything I have done.  When I was younger all of your favorite comic book sci-fi anti-hero characters had an animated series, X-Men: The Animated Series, Ultraforce, WildC.A.T.s, Savage Dragon, and even Youngblood got close … so in that tradition this is Judge Dredd’s foray into ultraviolent kids animation!”

I genuinely can’t wait for this. Until then, I’ll have to amuse myself with the episode list for Superfiend:

  • Episode 1: Judge Sydney
  • Episode 2: The Angel Gang
  • Episode 3: Judge Death
  • Episode 4: Rico & Vienna
  • Episode 5: In Death We Trust
  • Episode 6: Dredd vs Death

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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