EA Access limits early access to games

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When EA first announced the Xbox exclusive EA Access plan, I was a little excited. Getting access to EA titles for a subscription fee on top of early access to games and discounts on pre-orders sounded like a sweet deal. Well, it’s definitely a case of too good to sound true.EA Access will allow members to play a new game up to five days before it actually release, without the need for a pre-order. Unlike traditional demos though, your play time will be limited. EA Access members all only get to play Madden 15 for six hours when it goes live for early access soon.

So it’s not really early access to a game, but rather a little taste before it hits shelves. That would be great – if you weren’t paying for the opportunity to play early in the first place.

EA Access is a subscription service, unlike getting a demo for free. Sure you get access to “The Vault” and all the other benefits that come with the service, but having early access limited seems like a cheap shot. I don’t see why EA can’t give you full access to the game just a few days before release, especially if you have a pre-order locked in for the game.

It somewhat makes sense for those just looking to try out a game before it is officially release, because a few days is more than enough time to polish off some titles. But if a subscriber has a pre-order in place, it only seems fair to give them unlimited access. Not a timed demo that they’ve essentially paid for.

It just makes EA Access even less attractive to buy into.

Last Updated: August 19, 2014

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