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Friday Debate – What’s the biggest video game disappointment of 2018?

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2018 may have been a brilliant year for gaming, but here’s the thing: Nobody wants to remember the good times. Instead, we’re hardwired to automatically complain when given the chance, and the year that was had no shortage of absolutely valid complaints. You look back at the last trip around the gigantic ball of flaming gas that gives us life, and there was plenty to hate on.

Darksiders III was a disappointing mess, Bethesda has had the worst November in history and EA’s microtransactions were somehow still absolute money-makers. I’m a half-full kind of guy myself, but it’s hard to keep a sunny dispostion when that glass happens to contain what can only be described as rancid mayonnaise that has been watered down with whatever’s left over in a Cape Town toilet.

So tell us below, what got your goat in 2018? What particular story had you raging? Maybe it was Spider-Man’s PuddleGate, maybe it was yet another story of Star Citizen fleecing fans with more exorbitantly-priced virtual starships. Hell, maybe you’re disappointed that despite all your planning and carefully laid traps, I’m somehow still alive…suckas.  Sound off below, and vent yourself free in our comments section. If you’re looking to enter 2019 with a fresh smile on your face, consider the section below our perfect platform for a controversy-flushing colonic.

As for me? I’m going to complain about how Final Fantasy 8 got shafted yet again, probably because of music rights. Screw you Square Enix, now I’ve got to go and buy a PS Vita if I want to play a mobile version of my favourite RPG ever.

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Last Updated: December 7, 2018

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