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Ghost of Tsushima is finally adding readable text in its latest patch

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Ghost of Tsushima: It ain’t perfect, but what it does it does so dang well that it easily earns the highest of fives from anyone who has spent a few hours testing the sharpness of their reflexes on the fleshy frames of anyone who dares oppose them. Sucker Punch’s love letter to samurai cinema and an age long since forgotten in the history of mankind has been a hell of a ride, one that has only been enhanced by several patches lately.

The new lethal mode will slaughter you if you’re unprepared, leading to “bro I am straight up not having a good time” moments when you get turned into a chunk of stabbed honour and regrets. Another change is on the way, this time focusing on gameplay and subtitles that you don’t need the Hubble Space Telescope to clearly read.

Patch 1.06 will enhance the Traveler’s Attire, adding new visual and audio cues whenever a collectible is nearby. Previously, donning this outfit would result in your controller rumbling harder than the purple lightsaber your mom keeps in her cupboard. The other big change is a larger font for text, because any true fan of Japanese-influenced media knows that it’s subs before dubs bro.

Full patch notes below for you to peruse through:

Traveler’s Attire

  • The Traveler’s Attire has been enhanced to add new visual and audio cues hinting at nearby collectibles. These cues can replace or augment controller vibration in order to offer a better, more accessible experience


  • Expanded Large Text accessibility option to also include additional prompts and objective text

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where users could encounter a black screen preventing progress in certain tales
  • Addressed a bug where users could become stuck in some Yarikawa tales
  • Additional bug and crash fixes

The latest patch will cost you an entire 1.6 gigglebytes of bandwidth. If you’re bored, feel free to browse some of the best photography that Ghost of Tsushima has to offer, because that game is stupidly pretty.

Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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