Everything important that has been announced at E3 so far

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So day 0 of E3 is done and dusted and while the team crash and burn from exhaustion over in LA we are still working away to ensure you get the very best news from E3 2015.

We posted throughout the night and covered each of the conferences and it is more than likely that you missed some of the articles that were posted. But fear not we are here to help so here is the definitive list of E3 announcements that have been made so far.


Bethesda started the events with their very first E3 conference and they nailed it with some over the top gore with Doom to an awesome new mobile version of Fallout to the megaton announcement that is Fallout 4


That wraps up the announcements from Bethesda, the team are going to do their level best to get some hands on with the titles at E3 so stay tuned for that.


Next up Microsoft took to the stage to showcase what is going to make them the gamers console of choice in this generation and they did exceptionally well with some shock announcements.

For me the two draw dropping moments were the announcements of Backwards compatibility and that Hololens demonstration.

EA Games

Next up we had EA Games and while EA refused to give us invites to their conference we used our local skills and managed to get all three of our journalists into the conference.

Which was a mistake as it was seriously dull.

The thing is their games are looking amazing but the actual show was so incredibly dull. I’m a massive football fan but sitting and talking to Pele for 15 minutes was pretty pointless really.


By this time I was crashing and I couldn’t stay for the Ubisoft event but Matthew and Geoff worked like demons and posted the following from that conference.

Nothing earth shattering from Ubisoft this year but Rainbow Six Siege and the Division are looking great as well as a nice surprise seeing Ghost Recon make a return.


By this time even the machine that is Geoff had stopped working and the young gun Matthew had to handle the last conference on his own, and what a marvellous job he did.

Sony killed it with some amazing announcements like a brand new remake for Final Fantasy 7 as well as the reveal that they had acquired the timed exclusive for the Call of Duty DLC.

Not to mention that The Last Guardian is still apparently alive?

And last but not least by any stretch, don’t forget to check out hands on of the upcoming Kings Quest from Activision.

So that wraps up day 0. Today the guys are hitting the Square Enix conference, and then E3 officially – followed by some hands on events and a PC gamers conference.

Oh and stay tuned for some incredible pew pew embargoed footage, images and 60fps video that we can’t reveal just yet. Hint: it may be revealed at 9pm.

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Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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