It looks like there’s a Bastion buff on Overwatch’s horizon

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When asked for comment, Bastion replied, “boop beep, dooop bee-bop deeeee!”

Over the past few months, just about every member of the Overwatch roster has received some or other change from Blizzard to keep them balanced and fair. Symmetra for example, a sorely underused character a little while ago, had her kit adjusted so that she’d be more relevant. More recently, the likes of Ana, D.Va, and Roadhog have received their own set of tweaks because they were performing just a little too well.

You know who hasn’t had any love from Blizzard in a long time though? Bastion. The Omnic that everybody loves to hate (and hates to love?) essentially hasn’t been touched since way back when Overwatch was in beta.

This lack of attention on Blizzard’s part has seen the bot slip into near extinction. Think about it, when’s the last time you played a game that featured Bastion? It seldom occurs, and on the rare occasion the omnic is picked, it’s basically standard practice for people to throw their toys until another hero is chosen.

That may change in future however, because Blizzard are finally going to give Bastion the loving he deserves, and quite frankly, that he needs. Overwatch’s Principle Designer Geoff Goodman said as much over on the forums (via PC Gamer):

I’m actually working on some changes for him right now. I’m not quite sure when these changes will hit the live game, we’re still testing different things internally.

Hot damn! I wonder what Blizzard have in mind? Will Bastion be given the ability to move about in sentry mode for example (albeit at a reduced speed)? Will he get other abilities? Maybe they’ll even go so far as to give him a second ultimate too, just like they did with Symmetra (though I doubt it).

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Whatever it is, it’s good to know that Bastion is getting some loving. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out what changes Blizzard have planned for the bot.

Last Updated: January 31, 2017

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