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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 07 February 2020

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Memory foam doesn’t remember us, it remembers itself without us.

Best stories of the week

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I’m currently generating enough hypenergy for Diablo 4 to blow a Saiyan scouter to pieces, due in no small part to the game looking like a properly cathartic grind with groovy grisly style. Blizzard has their A-team on this project, but the return to Sanctuary is going to rope in some more talent in the form of a man who for many years has been known as the Gears Viking. That’s right , Rod Fergusson is going to be heading up development on the next Diablo!

In other talent-swiping news, Marvel may have lost Scott Derrickson’s skill behind the camera for the Doctor Strange sequel, but there’s talk that the company has found a replacement who is simply amazing at what he does: Sam Raimi. The man behind cult classic horror movies, Liam Neeson going nuts over a carnival game and the Spider-Man trilogy, Raimi has recently been in the spotlight as an eleventh hour substitute and we couldn’t be happier to see him back in action after so many years out of the spotlight.

Worst story of the week

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Many a Blizzard fan couldn’t wait to get their hands on Warcraft 3: Reforged, but when reality came knocking it did so with a trebuchet of glitches, missing features and a lacklustre product on their door. WarCraft 3: Reforged is currently not the game that Blizzard had promised its players, and while the company is making things right by offering instant refunds, it may be too late as the damage has clearly been done.

WTF story of the week

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Over here in the state of Kentucky sah, I say I say we do not take kindly to them video games and their cartoonish violence! No sir, I say I SAY that as proud members of the Kentucky Fried Parliament, if there’s going to be rampant gun violence in these here schools it shall be done by lunatics with easy access to automatic rifles made in the good ol’ US of A! BAN FORTNITE NOW!

Header image of the week


PS4 headed for retirement? Well pull up a seat kids, and let me tell you how back in the day we had to use ADSL connections for our downloads. In the dead of night. During winter. Barefeet. For tuppence a day at the mill. We were REAL gamers then and excuse me I need to go yell at some clouds for being so dang jolly…

Comments of the week (Thanks Hammer!)

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We’re showing some love for great sequels and Debonairs pizza, but Alien Emperor Trevor makes a good point about the kind of upgrades you’d need in Metal Gear Solid 5 if you finished off an entire triple-decker on your own:

I’m guessing Snake has to use the upgraded Fulton to extract a soldier who’s eaten one of these.

HvR perfectly echoes my sentiments about anything related to MOBA games:

I dota care!!!!

Original Heretic thinks that maybe Blizzard had a different strategy in mind for WarCraft 3: Reforged.

Maybe they expect us to play it on our phones.

Looks like Aquaman needs to change his name after the truth behind his incredible physique was revealed according to HairyEwok!

Always knew Jason Momoa was a skinny fellow. Now we can call him Jason Maermoa

But our hats are off to Pariah, for delivering this absolute zinger on GeForce’s new streaming service:

So here in SA it’s GeForce Now Now.

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