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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 21 June 2019

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Just remember: Bottled water is nothing more than enslaved moisture.

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This country may be good at Rugby, swimming and cricket when there isn’t a world tournament for bragging rights involved, but video games? Those successes are few and far between. While the talent to succeed has been glimpsed in teams such as the Southern Barbarians in the CS:GO division, Overwatch hasn’t exactly been South Africa’s forte.

That’s all changing this year, as a team of the country’s best and finest players are assembling to take on the planet at the Overwatch World Cup. Good luck friends, you’re all heroes now.

Worst story

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I’m often baffled by just how shit people can be when given the opportunity to do so. Take Valve’s Artefact online card game, which has a player base that numbers in the tens and probably won’t be fondly thought of in the years to come. Games fail, games flounder and the work of some very dedicated developers often goes to waste.

It’s a tragedy and a shame, but that’s just how this industry works. What’s not cool, is seeing the scum of the planet use an otherwise empty category on Twitch to broadcast all kinds of vile and disturbing imagery to people who are completely unprepared for the horror that lies within. The people behind these shenanigans may be doing it for teh lolz but it’s awful stuff that ruins the day for the vast majority of people who don’t get kicks from seeing footage of people being slaughtered in real life.

That Twitch is coming down hard on these terrible people, is cause for celebration at least.

WTF story

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Oh EA, you’re incorrigible. Faced with a rising tide that threatens to strip them of some of those sweet sweet dollars that people with too much money regularly fall for, EA is currently in the firing line regarding the predatory nature of loot boxes. Only, their games don’t have loot boxes! These are surprise mechanics yo! Like a Kinder joy egg, only you have nothing to really show for it at the end of the day! Oh EA, you scamps!

Header image of the week


Look, I did a few quality headers this week but shopping Shigeru Miyamoto’s head onto ol’ Chucky Norris’ body and getting Geoff to shout that I should leave Shiggy alone? That just makes this week a winner in my book.

Comment of the week

This week is a two-pronged attack of funny and wit! Over on the new leaks for Apex Legends, Original Heretic set up the comedy pins and Pariah scored a sublime strike with this exchange:

Original Heretic

“new hero leaks”!?

Jeez, people are obsessed with this game. Even the heroes’ bathroom breaks are being reported on…


DrDisrespect was ahead of his time.

Critical Hit Original Recipe Content

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