These winners are going to Rush this weekend

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We’ve told you so much about Rush by now. We told you about the initial announcement, about the LoL tournament there, and the Kaizer Chief’s FIFA tournament. In fact, we told you all about the esports on show at the expo, and even the Hearthstone event added on recently, plus all the other stuff you can do at Rush including checking out the new HP Omen range. But some of you will get to see it all for yourselves, for the low low cost of free.

That’s right, we were giving away free double tickets, and we now have winners! So congrats to:

  • Theolin Naidoo
  • Zubair Randeree
  • Avithar Visham Mahabeer
  • Jacquesvan Zyl
  • Adrian Lubbe
  • Ross Swanepoel
  • JP du Preez
  • vernon jonker
  • Christiaan Lötter
  • Craig Dodd

Congrats to all our winners! We will be in touch to get details and organize your tickets, but thanks so much for entering and we hope that you really enjoy the event.

Geoff and I will be there, so if you pop in on Friday or Saturday, please be sure to send us a tweet (you really should be following me and Geoff by now) and we will make a plan to say hi and whatnot. Maybe we can even jam some quick Hearthstone or watch a CS:GO match together, although more likely I’ll take a selfie and Geoff will hide from my constant selfies. What could be more fun?

Last Updated: July 17, 2017

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  • HvR is broken it accidently included a regular in the winner’s list.

    Congrats MR Dodd!!!!!

  • HvR

    To everyone going take a packet of Maggi 2 minute noodles along to bribe Geoff into taking a selfie with you.

  • Sweet thanks guys!

  • Avithar

    Yay finally won something

  • Magoo


  • HairyEwok

    Wait what….. I won? Whooo free tickets! But uhm, I have a LAN ticket. I didn’t think i would actually win XD

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