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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 10 July 2020

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Just remember: During cremation, there’s a point where the body is perfectly cooked.

Best stories of the week


SEGA’s next console is an incredibly adorable little arcade unit, season 2 of The Boys continues to look like a bloody good time and it’s safe to say that Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to look absolutely amazing on PC even though it has been a good couple of years. Second-best story of the week though? News that after ten years, Disney might finally be ready to enter the grid again for Tron 3 and recruit Daft Punk to whip up a new soundtrack for the threequel. Which I’ll once again abuse by having it on an endless loop, just like the last time when they created the amazing score for Tron: Legacy.

The real best story of the week though, is a brand new Clone High series from the original powerhouse creative team behind the cult classic original series. I’m just so gosh-darn happy…WESLEY.

Worst stories of the week


Honestly, this week was more WTF than anything else, so bad news makes for slim pickings this week in case you’re determined to stew in your funk. The next Halloween film continues to look great but thanks to viral shenanigans it’ll only be stalking cinemas from next year. On top of that delay news, came word that Mafia: Definitive Edition was definitively delayed by a month. But ain’t nothing to worry about, capisce?

WTF stories of the week


Imagine Dragons to the tune of $100 and you won’t get too many overrated indie rock albums but a new set of skins in Valorant. Batman might be flying the Xbox flag in the near future and TikTok’s days look numbered as the app has made an enemy of AMERICA! The biggest bit of the WTFery though? Former Bungie big cheese Marty O’Donnell detailing how his Marty-senses were tingling over the Destiny deal with Acitivision back in the day, a story that literally had one of those CEOs comparing the house that Halo built to a fat goose that was ripe for the kill.

And lastly, people continue to be awful to Naughty Dog over The Last of Us Part II, proving that they definitely need to speak to a therapist.

Header image of the week


Commander, I’m going to the one place that hasn’t been ruined by capitalism…CYBERSPACE!

Comment of the week

This week’s best comment comes from Chris J Ford on Twitter, for reminding me that even when I edit stuff in the WordPress backend, it’s still a bastard that pushes out sloppy headlines directly to Twitter regardless of my changes.

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  1. That rusty deadlock restore was cool, but your average Joe doesn’t have access to quite a few tools he was using, is cool thou


  2. MechMachine

    July 10, 2020 at 16:34

    Are you spying on me ? Here I am watching speed runs of The Souls games while waiting for renders and this pops up.


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