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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 12 June 2020

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News that isn’t new is Knews.

Best stories of the week


Let’s be real: Sony’s showcase was the real good news that we needed this week. Months of being in the dark, so much anxiety and then bam! A blast of light, beams of Sony goodness filled with two dozen games and a proper look at the PS5 at long bloody last. It may look like an awful design, but there it is in all its glory. It’s real, it’s happening and I’ve ore than prepared for the inevitable dick-measuring contest that’s going to erupt as console tribalism rears its ugly head. Hooray for next-gen!

Worst stories of the week


Skater XL being delayed by a few weeks is a bummer for me, but this week’s real Debbie Downer was the dropping of an inevitable truth bomb: Comic Con Africa won’t be taking place this year in a physical venue. It will be going online though! Still, Comic Con Africa has been more than just a venue to get nerdy, talk shop and attend panels. It’s a social gathering, a celebration of fandom and pure cosplay passion on parade.

Not having that chance to strut one’s stuff this year, is going to suck.

WTF story of the week


I’m of the opinion that no matter how bad a movie may be, there’s going to be at least one person who likes it. One contrarian, alone against an army of negative opinions who carries a torch for that film. And that’s why I own a DVD of Freddy Got Fingered. In the case of The Last Days of American Crime, nobody likes that film. Heck even Kervyn, who has the movie-watching constitution of a Billy Goat, could barely make it through half an hour of the film before he gave up.

And with a 0% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this misfire of note has just earned itself a rare honour in cinematic history.

Header image of the week



Absolutely wrong comment of the week there’s no dispute


In an award I created just for Kervyn, his opinion about Halo being a good game series earned top nods. I mean he’s so wrong, that he might as well change his film critic name to Barry Wronger.

I will not stand for the besmirching of my beloved Halo. Bugger your pitchfork! I demand pistols at dawn!

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Last Updated: June 12, 2020

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