The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (14 July 2017)

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Happy Bastille Day everyone! I hope that all of you are spending today stirring up your inner revolutionaries and storming those bastions of oppression that exist within your souls. Also, let’s all celebrate that it’s Friday. I’ve had a hectic week, and many more hectic weeks ahead of me. I will be selling a lot of my belongings soon, so if you’re not following me on twitter, you should – you might pick up some awesome comics, games, anime, and manga for a steal. With being so busy, I might have missed some news this week, and I’m sure you did, too. Here’s everything we need to know.

Best Stories

Good news! The SNES mini is coming to our shores. And at a half-way decent price. Buy one for yourself and one to sell on Ebay before they’re all sold out.

In even better news, we all get more Stranger Things soon. I loved that first season so much, but I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of a second one. I mean, surely it’s a complete experience as is? But I suppose it will be good to see what they do with it, and I’m just happy to watch more awesome acting set to cool synth soundtrack.

Wonder Woman is apparently fantastic, but I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters. As usual, I’ll have to wait for the BluRay release. But rumors have already started about the sequel. I wouldn’t know they are, though, because I only read the headline to avoid the spoilers contained in this article.

Looking for something to do this weekend in Joburg? Why not drink milkshakes and play board games? Sounds like a good time to me!

Worst Stories

July is an amazing month for local esports. Why is this in the bad news section, I hear you ask. Well, with so much awesomeness, you’ll probably have to prioritize and only attend one or two events. Choose wisely.

Remember when Daniel Craig didn’t want to do another Bond movie? Well, don’t worry, he still will. With Adele singing the theme song. I like Daniel Craig, but I have mixed feelings about Bond in our modern era, and also wonder about Adele singing the theme.

Random Stories

Oh look, what a surprise – Dota 2’s International broke a record prize pool. Again. As they have every year.

Also, I’m not convinced our dystopian future is upon us – mining could begin on Mars within the next three years.

Reviews and Features

All the Easter eggs in Spider-Man: Homecoming you may have missed!
Castlevania Review – A bloody good video game adaptation
The top ten best (and worst!) games of 2017 so far according to Metacritic and OpenCritic
Finding humanity in a planet of the apes – A retrospective on one of modern cinema’s best franchises
All it takes to make it in South African Board Gaming is a little Ambition
We review War for the Planet of the Apes – A perfect ending to an astounding trilogy

Header Image of the Week


Oh wow Darryn, you win. Without a doubt. Well done!

Comment of the Week

There were several fun ones on Kyle’s post about E-Football, along with my post about mining the moon. But I’m going to give this one to our very own Mattstick for his quip about E-Football silliness:


Bonus extra content

Our first entry is from Darryn, because of course it is:

And then there’s this one from Trevor:

And then I made another video, as usual.

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        Shared it with 20 people already.

  • Wot? My video didn’t make it? But it was ordained by the Admiral himself!

    • Original Heretic

      Watching this without sound, with all those hand gestures, you could pass as a wannabe white rapper.
      Quick! Someone with a photoshop skills throw Nick’s face in here!

      • pffft, I have better pics than this

        • Original Heretic

          I don’t believe unless I see proof.

          • I’m going to make a video with no sound for you one day…

          • Original Heretic

            My psychic senses are tingling. I foresee it having plenty of rude hand gestures.
            Have you ever studied mime techniques? Those would come in very handy in a video like that.

          • Damn skippy. Nothing worse than watching a video where the person looks like they are half a fucking sleep.

          • Original Heretic

            I’m almost tempted to share a vid with you that I just remembered, preview they did of a show I was in 3 years back.
            But you called me skippy. Nobody calls me SKIPPY!

          • Oh, link dude

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            Did you just ignore the thing I said about skippy? Pfft.

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            I’m feeling generous.

          • I didn’t know you played Lady Macbeth!

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            What can I say, I’m very talented. I had to do quite a tuck job for it, though. Ripping the sticky tape away after every performance was rough.

          • Nice work dude! I used to also be involved with theater. Was awesome.

          • Original Heretic

            Figured you were. The hand gestures in your vids are a dead giveaway to anyone who knows what is what.
            But this Mac role was not my best, though. They stifled me a bit with it. Wasn’t allowed to do my Scottish accent, which is a terrible shame, cause I sound totally legit when I do it.
            But because the rest of the cast struggled with it, it wouldn’t have sounded right if only ONE person did it.

          • fuck that, you should have been allowed man, would have worked a charm. When I was younger I was actually invited to join the RSC but my mother decided it was too much of a mission as it was in London and we were in Chichester. So basically because of my mother, I don’t have Oscars on my shelf. FML 🙁

          • Original Heretic

            I’ve never really been inclined to pursue it professionally, even though EVERY SINGLE professional actor I’ve worked with has told me that I must, various directors have told me that I must, blah blah blah.
            It’s an industry that’s just too freakin’ fickle. You could be the greatest actor ever, but if they don’t like the look of you, you don’t get the part.
            Bills need to get paid, man, I ain’t gonna let my future be decided by some exec with a chip on their shoulder for some or other reason.

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            o he played lady Macbeth I thought he was the scottish Twilight vampire

          • lol

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            The sun and I are not friends…

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      “I kinda a small guy” and the understatement of the year goes to Rince

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    Yes, happy Bastille Day everyone. Love yourself goddamnit! 🙂

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