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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 05 June 2020

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Electric eels imply the existence of acoustic eels.

Best stories of the week


Everything I’m hearing about the PS5’s blisteringly fast hard drive speeds makes me too dang happy, Kingdoms of Amalur is getting a remaster complete with a silly new Re-reckoning title, the next WWE 2K game might not make me want to take a steel chair shot instead of playing it, SEGA is bringing back the Game Gear as an itty bitty new console and John Wick 4 is still happening. There may not have been a lot of good news this week, but quality always trumps quantity.

Oh and before I forget: Cheaters finding out the hard way that Valorant has a zero tolerance policy for their shenanigans? GOOD.

Worst stories of the week


The delay game continues! With America literally on fire right now because of a nationwide protest against police brutality that has some somehow wound up with the fuzz becoming even more aggro, the space that video game announcements and celebrations were planning to take has been called off so that more important voices can be heard. Sony’s PlayStation 5 event has been called off for now, IGN is following the same path with their festival of gaming and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 showcase has also been rescheduled so that the world can realise that black lives do matter.

Consoles and video games come and go, but human lives? Those are irreplaceable.

WTF stories of the week


You’ve got to hand it to Christopher Nolan: When it comes to special effects, he loves the practical stuff and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get to crash a Boeing 747 jet for real with his latest movie Tenet! Can you believe that some people are willing to pay a stupid amount of money for a watch? Hublot is banking on finding a sucker I mean customer to fork over R85 000 for one of their new fancy timekeeping devices, and there’s the mad dedication of a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan who placed every single movie scene from over 20 flicks into chronological order.

Header image of the week


What is this? A console for ants?

Comment of the week


This one actually comes from Twitter, and was a response from Green Orb to the aforementioned too damn expensive Hublot story:

Movie quiz champion of the week

IT’S ME! With Kervyn out of action this week due to him being so unbelievably lame, our showdown with Big Screen Hooligans resulted in an absolute miracle: Me, actually scoring points and coming out on top in the lastest Thursday quiz night between publications.

And I didn’t even have to bribe my way to the top spot, for once.

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