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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 17 April 2020

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There’s no such thing as a broken rock, there’s just new rocks.

Best stories of the week


This week was a good one for reveals! First, Crysis is getting a proper remaster now that its PR cloak has disengaged and second, a new XCOM hits the scene today! Which makes me feel really bad for Gears Tactics in this mother of all thunder-stealing moves.Struggling to find a Nintendo Switch? Then maybe you need to look at building your own one!

Worst stories of the week


Valorant may be the hottest game on the block currently, but it’s one that has raised concerns over its use of anti-cheat software having absurd levels of control on any PC that it is installed on. No matter which way Riot attempts to spin this news, fans are still hesitant to hand that much control over to the gaming giant just for a few rounds of pew pew pew.

In absolute buzzkill news, PC gamers were frothing at the mouth over news that Persona, Days Gone and more Sony exclusives would be heading to their master race platform. That’s…that’s not happening, sorry guys. Also, I’m legit sad that there’s no Gamescom this year. SAD.

WTF stories of the week


There’s only a handful of Rick and Morty episodes left for the entire year, but hot damn does Solar Opposites look like amazing madness! Then there’s the entire Cooking Mama saga which has just gotten weirder and wilder every single day, while a DOOM clone based on cereal mascots is getting a second chance at life. What a time to be alive.

Header image of the week


Some times, a header image writes itself. This week’s example is perfect, as the current rumour over there being no regular WWE 2K game this year would mean the end of a streak. For WRASSLIN’ fans, you know I’m referencing the Undertaker and his legendary undefeated run at Wrestlemania which ended with a vicious tour of Suplex City via the meaty hands of Brock Lesnar.

Much like the Deadman’s streak, if 2020 sees no official WWE 2K game, that means that the icon will share a number with a video game franchise: 21-1. An idea which I just had to use as my image inspiration.

Comments of the week


I think we’ll resume this section after the lockdown ends in 2023, but for those of you who are here, who are being awesome…thank you. You’re all winners this week.

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