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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 29 March 2019

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Welcome to the good, the bad and the ugly! The only weekly wrap-up that yells at clouds and people who enjoy Ed Sheeran concerts!

Best Story

You’d think that news of one of Sony’s greatest visionaries leaving the company in June would be a bad story, but I have an alternative take. With Kaz Hirai preparing to step down from the Japanese giant after 35 years, the man has more than earned a few days off. When Hirai leaves, he does so with a legacy of excellence and success behind him.

That’s encouraging. That’s the kind of mark that we should all aspire to. Or in three simple words: Thank you Kaz.

Worst Story

Fun fact: I love Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Yawn of Justice, but not as superhero movies. They’re magnificent and nihilistic takes on the genre, with some fantastic action beats to them that completely lose the plot when it comes to why superheroes are important to our culture. Director Zack Snyder demonstrated just how far off his vision for the DC cinematic universe really was this weekend past at a panel.

Because while the man may be able to perfectly translate ideas to the silver screen, that talent falls apart when he’s in charge of those ideas. Nah, just kidding. EA laying off 350 employees because their shareholders probably want to buy new yachts? That’s the real tragedy of this week.

WTF Story

Look, if you honestly believe that this “leak” for the Dual Shock 5 controller on the PlayStation 5 is real, then do I have some genuine snake oil to sell you. Get it while it’s hot!

Comment of the Week

Pariah gets the No-Prize this week, for uncovering the real truth behind load-shedding:

It’s a strategy. If you can’t see the balot papers in the dark, there’s a chance you’ll still vote ANC.

Header image of the week

I don’t know why, but apparently a header image of a tiny dick is apparently A-grade content. Go figure.

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Last Updated: March 29, 2019

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