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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 10 January 2019

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If you escape from the police, you’re basically playing an adult game of tag.

Best stories of the week

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More Pokémon! Yessir, there’s an expansion pack for Pokémon coming out which may just be the best and most lucrative thing ever for Nintendo’s license to print money. I’ve already bought it because I’m an idiot.

If you’re interested at all in the American game development scene, it’s most likely either because of your passion for video games or you just can’t help but be fascinated by the trainwreck of a working culture that treats employees like glorified cattle who know how to code. Some relief might finally be on the way for beleaguered American developers, as the campaign to kickstart a union got a shot of adrenaline this week from a larger organisation that could pave the way for worker rights to be protected in the land of the free. Good on them!

Worst stories of the week

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Bad (or good) news for DOTA fans: Looks like the game is in a recession. After years at the top of the charts, DOTA 2 has seen its player base begin to decline as more popular games overtake it on the leaderboard. Is this the beginning of the end for DOTA? Fortnite fans can only pray that it is. Also just look at this fry-up made within Dreams. Why is it bad news? BECAUSE I’M HUNGRY NOW DAMMIT.

WTF stories of the week

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In the most millennial expansion ever for a video game, you too can finally experience the joy of earning a pittance and only being able to afford a tiny square of land upon which to build your home in The Sims 4 and the new Stuff Pack! Presumably, it’ll come with a boomer who yells at you for buying avocados.

Then there’s James Cameron back on the hype trail for Avatar 2 and the unveiling of a new car which apparently looks like a prop that’d be used in a Japanese porno so yeah. Interesting times.

We also have a new game coming out this year which asks you to master human speech or risk having your android face explode. Business as usual then.

Header image of the week



Comments of the week

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Razer’s new modular computer has Hairy Ewok singing a familiar tune:

NUC NUC NUCing on Wallets Door…..

I’ve blown Admiral Chief’s mind with a tidbit of cosplay knowledge for when wearing a Batman cowl:

This goes on the ‘things I’d never think I’d read’ list

For the Emperor knows exactly what The Flash movie should avoid if it ever gets made:

Please don’t make my suit green. Or animated!

Yozzie makes a great remark about Crytek wanting to sue Star Citizen over Squadron Catch 22:

How do you sue that which does not exist.

LegionZA just baked a good pun for the Hansel and Gretel movie:

Nice, this looks deliciously entertaining.

And Geoff strikes back with a zinger about anyone wanting elevensies in Dreams!

All good and well, but what about second breakfast?

Just render it again.

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