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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 17 May 2019

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The Critical Hit weekly wrap! Now with vitamins A, C, D and C again for maximum rock effect!

Best story

My favourite Ghostbusters game is getting a remaster, and naturally I’m so excited that I ended up sliming my pants. Trust me, you don’t need special goggles to see my ectoplasm. WINK WINK!

Worst story



I mean…uh…freedom of hand to gland combat? Yes that, definitely. This week’s story about a proposal to slap our local online space with a porn block definitely has me wrankled, because it’s yet another step towards an authoritarian space that reeks of fascistic undertones from a group of small-minded prudes who disguise their real intentions with talk about “protecting the children”. And also definitely not because I’m a massive pervert who likes visiting websites that rhyme with Corn Bub dot com.

That, and what the chuffing chuff did those chuffsters do to chuffing Batman on Gotham?

WTF story

Nothing really properly crazy happened over the last week in the gaming industry, although there is the current brouhaha regarding the Epic Games Store and their bungle of a sale. So in light of there being a lack of gaming news that had me doing a double-take, here’s something else: Ze Chermans, making me sit up and ask: Germany, what the fuck?


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Comment of the week

Congrats Trevor, you almost managed to murder me when I read this comment and choked on my afternoon tea, regarding the sneak peek at the upcoming Star Trek spin-off focused on second-best Starfleet captain, Jean Luc Picard:

Header image of the week


I didn’t technically make this, but I’ll never miss an opportunity to highlight best Top Gear’s ability to always have a good laugh via some old fashioned visual comedy.

Bonus DVD Content

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Last Updated: May 17, 2019

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